Someone Actually Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel Of A Tesla On Autopilot

It appears someone forgot that the autopilot feature for Tesla Model S is currently in its beta phase and decided to nap behind the wheel. Not cool.

Maybe in a few years, driverless technology will enable drivers to doze off carelessly behind the wheel in traffic.

But 2016 is not that year.

A Tesla Model S driver apparently forgot this very important distinction and decided to take a nap with the autopilot on. The feature, it's worth mentioning here, is still in its beta phase — and even if it wasn’t, napping while driving is definitely not a good idea.

There is some skepticism as to the authenticity of the video, since the car is supposed to alert the driver with a beep if the wheel doesn’t detect human touch for a few seconds. It eventually stops if there’s no response.

Also, driverless cars are not yet legal.

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However, since Tesla autopilot users have a history of “doing crazy things,” it's hard to be sure one way or the other.

The video comes the same week Tesla announced that owners of its electric vehicles have driven 100 million miles over the last seven months using its autopilot feature. 

The Elon Musk-owned company used 70,000 or so autopilot-equipped vehicles to record the data.

Last year, Musk estimated his self-driving cars will take over the roads in the following two years.

“The data is not yet there to support fully autonomous vehicles," Musk stated. “The point at which it becomes statistically clear that an autonomous car is safer, I think, regulators will be comfortable with allowing it."


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