Turks Smash iPhones, Pour Coke Down The Drain To Protest Trump

Turks are destroying their iPhones in very creative ways and sharing the videos in a major protest against President Donald Trump's economic war against Turkey.

Turks are using their iPhones to make a point against President Donald Trump’s economic policies targeting Turkish imports.

The ongoing clash between the two countries turned into an economic war over Pastor Andrew Brunson, an American who lived in Turkey for 23 years and is being accused of espionage and being involved in a plan to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

While Brunson denies he is guilty of any of the charges brought against him, he remains under house arrest.

In response, the Trump administration pressed the Turkish government to release him, but Erdogan refused, saying the country’s justice system must be respected. Trump then imposed new sanctions against Turkish officials and raised tariffs on Turkish imports.

The Turkish economy, which had already been suffering long before this incident, is now under even greater pressure, with its currency, the lira, losing value in the world markets, despite the fact it picked up somewhat following investment promises made by Arab nations.

In response to Trump, Erdogan called on the Turkish people to boycott American products, as he also hikes tariffs on imports coming from the United States.  


Taking what their president urged them to do to heart, Turks are uploading videos to social media depicting them gladly destroying their iPhones. They use fire, hammers, and even firearms in a demonstration of anger toward the Western country.

One of the videos shows Turkish Nationalist Movement Party lawmaker Cemal Enginyurt buying a Samsung smartphone as he tells a party member to step on his iPhone. The video then shows his colleague following suit, as he says, "the U.S. is being dragged across the floor."

In one of the most viewed videos, a man asks Trump, “who do you think you are?"

As four boys kneel behind him, he continues: "If you threaten us with hunger you will only make us laugh. Do whatever in your power."

He then uses a sledgehammer to destroy the iPhones the boys handed him.

"Look now what will happen to you iPhones on the orders" of Erdogan, he proudly says.

Even Coca-Cola got the same treatment.

Unfortunately, the truth in Turkey is that Erdogan’s authoritarian regime is mostly to blame for its economic reality. Even Turks understand that, as CBS News has reported. Trump’s response regarding the jailed pastor just added fuel to the fire. However, if Trump were a considerate leader, he would understand that tariffs on Turkish products are not hurting Erdogan or his officials, but common Turks, whose livelihood is suffering because of the collapsing economy.

As we all know, Trump doesn’t care who he’s hurting, so long as he acts as a “strong,” read callous, leader, much like Erdogan himself.

Banner/thumbnail photo credit: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

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