3 Unhackable Smartphones That Should Keep NSA And Other Nosey Folks Away From Your Data

It's quite obvious that the most dominant trend prevalent in the smartphone industry these days is to serve the more budget-conscious customers.

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It's quite obvious that the most dominant trend prevalent in the smartphone industry these days is to serve the more budget-conscious customers.

The largely untapped markets of the Far East and South Asia are the reason almost every smartphone manufacturer is rushing to make cheaper variants of its low-end products.

But now, another trend is cropping up that could become the next big thing in years (or even months) to come. Smartphones that can't be digitally broken into by intruders are the order of the day, thanks to the NSA, and several companies are trying to develop a demand for it.

So far three smartphones that claim to be unhackable or hack-proof have come out. Let's check out this trio:

FreedomPop's Privacy Phone


American Internet service provider FreedomPop is set to make its new Privacy Phone commercially available for sale on Wednesday. While the phone's name is enough to explain what it's all about, the company's own description of their product says that it should be used to 'protect your privacy from hackers, government agencies and spyware.'

Nicknamed the “Snowden Phone,” it 'ensures your internet, voice calls & texts are secure and encrypted.'

In a nutshell, if you don't want your data to fall into wrong hands, this is the phone to get.



This is a 2 GHz Quad Core CPU smartphone that would come with an 8 Megapixel camera and 4.7-inch diagonal IPS LCD. While those are decent specs, it's not what makes this a special phone.

Made by Spanish startup Geeksphone, this upcoming product will serve those who need heightened protection from intelligence agencies and hackers.

Geeksphone has been in the smartphone manufacturing business since 2009, but they have teamed up with American security company Silent Circle on this one. The two have simply pooled in their resources to overcome the security holes that make Android vulnerable. Their modified version of Google's OS has been named PrivatOS.

While it all sounds good on paper and the phone looked nice too at last month's Mobile World Congress, the jury will remain out on its unhackability until it comes out in June.

Boeing Black Smartphone


The most interesting of the lot is the upcoming Boeing Black smartphone. Being developed by airplane manufacturer Boeing, this one packs some truly James Bond-type features, the most astonishing of which is the hardware encryption and self-destruction mode that does what it says. If someone would try and tamper with it, the self-destruction mode would automatically get activated and wipe off all the data. The phone would not even be useable after that.

But you will be disappointed to know that Boeing is making the Black phone only for the US government. It won't ever become commercially available. However, now that the concept has been introduced, maybe others would try and incorporate it in their products.

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