Spotify Users Threaten To Drop Subscriptions Over ‘InfoWars’ Podcast

Spotify is under scrutiny for allowing Alex Jones' podcasts on its platform. With consumers threatening to leave, the company will be forced to take action.

Spotify is under fire for allowing InfoWars to make its podcasts available on the platform, prompting many users to threaten boycotting the company.

In the past, YouTube was also pressed on why it hosts videos from InfoWars’ head Alex Jones. Despite Jones’ inflammatory allegations in the past regarding “Pizzagate,” the Sandy Hook shooting, and more recently about the Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors, Spotify appears oblivious to the ramifications of allowing Jones to use its site.

Once Right Wing Watch writer Jared Holt tweeted about Jones’ podcasts being on Spotify, the platform’s users started to threaten quitting their subscriptions.

Even Sleeping Giants, a campaign that targeted companies advertising on Breitbart, got involved. They eventually slammed the company for not preventing Jones’ podcasts from being shared on its site.

Like other platforms, Spotify is being accused of being soft on Jones.

Long before the music streaming service was targeted by social media users, Facebook suspended Jones’ account. Still, InfoWars and other related pages remain live.

On YouTube, Jones’ account got a “strike” over four videos, getting him closer to being banned from the site. Alas, critics online said they believe that’s not enough.

Perhaps companies are thinking twice before completely removing Jones’ presence from their platforms because conservative critics, such as Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, have questioned social media websites, such as Facebook, for banning Jones.

Cruz himself was the target of the InfoWars' chief, who shared a conspiracy theory about the senator's father being involved with former president John F. Kennedy's murderer.

If Spotify ignores users’ boycott threat, the platform may lose many subscribers, potentially threatening the company's future as a go-to streaming source. 

In the era of President Donald Trump, consumers have quickly realized they have great power at their disposal. It would be wise of Spotify to address the issue immediately and pay attention to its users. 

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