What If You Could Get Through Airport Security By Waving Your Hand?

A Swedish tech professional developed a hassle-free way to get through security and boarding at the airport which could finally relieve some of the stress of flying.

Technology is advancing so quickly most of us can’t even keep up with all the innovation around us, but the ability to breeze through airport security and flight boarding with just a wave of your hand is something all travelers need to scream from the rooftops about.

Andreas Sjöström, vice president of digital for the technology consulting company, Sogeti, used a chip implanted into his hand to successfully get through airport security and his boarding gate at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden.

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A near-field communication chip, about the size of a grain of rice, can communicate with an NFC-reading device to transmit information and a scanner then picks up the information ... and voila!

"I've tried it with public transportation solutions, I've connected it to NFC-enabled door lock systems in offices," Sjöström reportedly told Mic. "I've succeeded with some and not with others. But if no one experiments, no one will find this out."

He makes it look so simple, just walking up to the airport’s NFC scanner and pressing his left hand against it. There's no fiddling around with passport booklets or boarding passes.

"The system reacts as if you have the ordinary NFC sticker from the airline, so you're eligible to pass through and it recognizes who you are," Sjöström reportedly said.

Imagine not having to worry about misplacing or dropping any of your important documents because it’s all stored right beneath your skin.

As with most technological advancements in the experimental stages, there are many kinks to be worked out, improvements to be made, security measures to be considered, etc. but the fact that we are even this close to having this kind of accessibility is pretty amazing.

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Some will probably feel uneasy about the thought of getting a foreign object implanted into their skin but as stressful and hectic as flying can be there are likely twice as many people willing to do anything to make the process smoother, especially frequent flyers. 

You can watch Sjöström describe the implant process and future goals for the product in the video below: 

Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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