Woman Says Fitbit Suddenly Burst Into Flames While On Her Wrist

“It didn’t heat up at first; there was no warning, it just, it burst into flames,” said Dina Mitchell whose Fitbit left her with second-degree burns.

The wearable fitness trackers known as Fitbits are apparently joining smartphones and e-cigarettes that have unexpectedly exploded on their owners.

According to HuffPost, Dina Mitchell of Wisconsin said that while she was wearing her Flex 2 Fitbit device last week, it exploded and left her with serious second-degree burns.

She told local reporters that she had no reason to suspect her device was malfunctioning prior to the explosion.

“It didn’t heat up at first; there was no warning, it just, it burst into flames. It exploded,” she reportedly said.

Following the explosion, Mitchell sought treatment at an urgent care facility where a doctor removed pieces of rubber and plastic from her arm. She said that she received the gadget as a birthday gift. 

Fitbit is aware of the incident and released a statement confirming that they’ve made contact with Mitchell and are “actively investigating this issue.”

“We are extremely concerned about Ms. Mitchell’s report regarding her Flex 2 and take it very seriously, as the health and safety of our customers is our top priority,” a spokesperson said. “Fitbit products are designed and produced in accordance with strict standards and undergo extensive internal and external testing to ensure the safety of our users.”

Despite the acknowledgment of Mitchell’s unfortunate circumstance, the company didn’t advise users to stop wearing the Flex 2, and they maintain that this is the first complaint they’ve heard of this nature.

Similarly to the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Hoverboard, and other tech gadgets that have exploded on people, Fitbit Flex 2 trackers operate with lithium-based batteries, which have been known to catch fire if they are damaged or defective.

"If they are exploding or if there's some type of malfunction with them... I mean, I'm going to have a scar from this probably, can you imagine what it would do to a child?" Mitchell asked rhetorically.

While it’s common knowledge that there are always risks associated with any battery-operated or electrical device, it’s difficult to ignore the irony that while technology is advancing expeditiously, no one has yet developed a way to power these devices without using this harmful material. 

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