Trying Out A Zombie VR Game Didn’t Go Too Well For This Girl

People have had their go at virtual reality and enjoyed the experience. But for one woman, the technology may have scarred her for life.


Twitter user @Madeleinedoux has shared a rather interesting video of her coworkers experiencing virtual reality with a zombie game.


The girl shown in the video, known as Carrie, is seen absolutely terrified as she battles her way out of danger, confronting virtual zombies. However, the situation gets way too real for her, as she squirms, jumps around in fright and turns her head away, in an attempt to escape.

Her naughty coworkers get quite a thrill from her behavior as they can be heard laughing in the background. One kind guy eventually came to her rescue because, really, it was way too much for her to handle. Her friend made sure to give a follow-up on Twitter for those concerned:



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The latest virtual reality technology has left many people with great memories to last a lifetime. A couple of years ago, an elderly lady who loved going for outdoor walks, but could not due to poor health, was filmed trying out virtual reality for the first time. The headset took her through a variety of scenic places as she looked around in amazement, and had the time of her life.

Virtual reality is absolutely fascinating and a great experience for at least first timers. But if you’re afraid of zombies, save yourself the embarrassment and do not try out a zombie game in front of your co-workers.

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