"Sanders Surrogate" Killer Mike Sparks Controversy With Sexist Comment

Killer Mike, a rapper who has become a frequent "surrogate" for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, ignited a controversy at a Sanders rally for saying that having a uterus isn't reason enough for someone to become president.


Presidential hopefuls such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made it rather clear that black votes mean a lot to them, and can play a significant role in determining who will be the next President of the United States.

However, they do not seem as concerned about black lives, and that is an issue. Although it is great that the Presidential candidates are stressing upon how black votes are important to America, and to them, one can only wish they would be more sensitive to the issues facing the black community. 

Perhaps it would be better if Clinton, Sanders and the other candidates would actually talk about how they will address  US's systematic racism once they're in the White House. 


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