10 Shows To Binge-Watch Over The Weekend

From "Bill Nye Saves the World" to "Mr. Robot" to "Chewing Gum," here are our picks of excellent television, streaming now on various applications.

Online television — an excellent avenue for powering down at the end of a long day (or week). If you're looking to curl up with new characters, we've got suggestions for the most binge-worthy shows on the web, from Amazon Prime to Hulu and Netflix. 

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Where it's available: Netflix

What it's about: After 15 years, lovable Kimmy Schmidt is rescued from an underground doomsday cult; now she must learn to navigate the chaos of New York City.

2. Dear White People

Where it's available: Netflix

What it's about: In a spin-off series from the feature length film of the same title, students of color at Winchester University confront racism in all its forms at the predominantly white college. 

3. The Handmaid's Tale

Where it's available: Hulu

What it's about: Set in a dystopian totalitarian society, the few fertile women left in what was formerly the United States are forced to reside in a concubine. 

4. The Last Man on Earth

Where it's available: Hulu

What it's about: Phil Miller is the last man on Earth — or so he thinks, until he goes looking for other survivors

5. Bill Nye Saves the World

Where it's available: Netflix

What it's about: Beloved kids' show host Bill Nye tackles present-day topics on a scientific platform with the help of a unique panel. 

6. Mozart in the Jungle

Where it's available: Amazon Prime Video

What it's about: Starring a maestro and an oboist, love and music join together comically in New York City. 

7. Transparent

Where it's available: Amazon Prime

What it's about: A father, age 70, reveals himself as transgender to his three children in Los Angeles. 

8. Ingobernable 

Where it's available: Netflix 

What it's about: The first lady of Mexico embarks on a mission to expose hard facts. (English subtitles are available.)

9. Mr. Robot

Where it's available: Amazon Prime

What it's about: A genius hacker works with a secret clan to destroy corporations.

10. Chewing Gum

Where it's available: Netflix

What it's about: Tracey Gordon, raised religious in London, breaks free of her pious ties and winds up in many a misadventure.

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