Adorable 102-Year-Old Lady Loved Every Minute Of Getting Arrested

Edie Simms may be 102 years old, but she hasn't stopped living for a day. She can teach us a lesson or two about life.

Sirens blaring, the police in full action.

The feisty 102-year-old St. Louis lady woman was handcuffed and taken into custody by the local police.

And she was as happy as a lark about it too.

"Handcuffs and all," said an excited Simms.

She hadn't committed a crime or disrupted the peace in any way.

In fact, getting arrested was something she always wanted to happen. But it never did.

Not the one to give up on her dreams, she asked the local police to help. They were more than happy to oblige.

"We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do," said St. Louis Police Sgt. John McLaughlin.

Once at the police station, she even handed out some free socks and scarves.

She had a piece of advice for everyone, "Keep going, don't ever stop whatever it is you're doing and spend some time doing community service. ... It's a great world if you just open your eyes and look at it," she said.

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