If I Were These 15 Cats And Dogs, I'd Be Pretty Mad At The Groomer

A bad haircut can ruin your day, week, and even month. But when it comes to these cute cats and dogs, a horrible cut just means they look cuter (sometimes).

No one, human, cat, or dog should have to endure a bad haircut, but unfortunately, like most things in life, it’s bound to happen sometime.

We're all at the mercy of our hairstylist when we go in for a cut, but thankfully, we can say "Stop," when a wrong cut's been made. Unfortunately, for these pets, the same cannot be said. Sure, they can bark and squirm, but that won't do much for their case. To be fair, though, these cuties would look adorable no matter what.

For your viewing pleasure, here are 11 hilarious pet cuts.

" gave him a shave " from pics

How do you like this dogs haircut? #funnycustomers #cockerspaniel #3stooges #maddog #dogsofig #badgrooming #badhaircut

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Another view haha #puppy #hanginwithmrgury #groomfail #stillcute #freckles

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"Make my cat look like one of the dragons from Game of Thrones" Done and DONE. I love cat people. ??????

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Who wore it best? #groomingfail

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#lambcat #britishlonghair #cathaircut

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