15 Times Merriam-Webster Read The World To Filth

Merriam-Webster, guardian of words and master of burns, dominates Twitter and puts us all in our places, showing the world that nothing gets past the dictionary.

If you looked up the word "savage" in the dictionary, you'd probably find Merriam-Webster. 

One of the world's most useful books has become a sassy beacon of light as we grapple with the black hole that is the Donald Trump presidency thus far.

Here are 15 of our absolute favorite Twitter responses, from the snarky to the downright deadly.

1. When it kicked the nit-pickers off their high horse.

2. When it paid appropriate homage to the 2016 presidential election.

3. When it just could not let Kellyanne Conway get away with "alternative facts."

4. When it called out a rival dictionary on its lies.

5. When it put the Ghostbusters remake trolls in their sexist place.

6. When it told people to chill while also inventing a new word.

7. When it took the time to educate but also "headdesk."

8. When it corrected the White House's major flub on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

9. When it turned a favored conservative insult for the left on its head.

10. When it left us with some casual, terrifying realness.

11. When it got sick of all the "But I'm not a feminist" nonsense.

12. When it acknowledged effort, but also dealt some serious shade.

13. When it took the United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to school.

14. When it burned White House press secretary Sean Spicer with his own words.

15. When it had nothing left to give.

Yes, the dictionary is officially a killer read.

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