Teen Lifeguard Saves Toddler Just Minutes Into His First Shift

A 15-year-old lifeguard in Lakewood, Ohio, becomes a local hero when he saves the life of a little boy on his very first day of work.

Starting a new job is extremely exciting, and at the same time, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially when you're in a position where you are being trusted with the lives of others.

For teen lifeguard Jack Viglianco, his first day was a heroic one. He barely had a chance to settle into his chair at a Lakewood, Ohio, pool before springing into action and to save a child's life.

Some lifeguards will go through a whole summer without having to put their training to use, but 15-year-old Viglianco spotted a young child in danger in the first 15 minutes of his shift. 

As it turns out, the 4-year-old that Viglianco helped was on a camp field trip. Luckily, the teen lifeguard had learned everything he needed to know the day before and put his new training to use.

"I didn't think that the next day I would have to use those skills. I realized, 'Oh, shoot! I just saved this kid's life,' so I called my mom," he told WKYC.

Viglianco said that for him, being a lifeguard is a dream come true and that his first day on the job is one he definitely won't forget.

"I was realizing that I just saved a kid's life," he said. "And that is something not many other people can say." 

Good job, Viglianco. And good luck with the rest of the summer. You're prepared for anything, no doubt.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Kevin Krejci

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