In 1993, A High School Student Made Amazing 2016 Prediction About Cubs

A California high school graduate may have called the 2016 World Series for Chicago Cubs in his high school yearbook 23 years ago.


This was predicted by a guy at Mission Viejo High School in California in his senior 1993. It's been verified by several people I went to high school with. from pics


You can waste your senior yearbook quote on a silly song lyric from your favorite boy band or select a witty one-liner that could possible go viral. Or, as this one guy has proven, you can also use the opportunity to display your Nostradamus-like skills to the entire world.

In what has already been a wild year for the fans of Chicago Cubs, who made it to the World Series for the first time in 71 years, a recently surfaced high school yearbook photo seems to have simultaneously overjoyed and frightened them.

As it appears, back in 1993, a student at Mission Viejo High School in California boldly predicted his team would win the World Series in 2016. Michael Lee, the author of the viral yearbook quote, was a Chicago native who attended school in the Golden State before moving back to his hometown.

“Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first,” he wrote at the time.

“I always thought that was the coolest quote I’d ever seen: ‘You heard it here first,'” Lee’s high school classmate and Dodger’s fan, Marcos Meza, told The New York Post. “I was just waiting, and when the Dodgers got eliminated, I jumped back on the Cubs bandwagon.”

He posted the photo on social media. Naturally, people began speculating if the picture was just another hoax. However, their fears were put to rest when other Mission Viejo High School alums also began sharing snaps from their yearbooks.




While some feared Lee's prediction could jinx the team, his bold prevision turned out to be a good omen. The Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday night after a 108-year drought, beating the Cleveland Indians 8-7.  

Can someone please find out if Lee predicted anything about 2016 presidential election?

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