This Dog Definitely Wants His Owner To Lose The 22 Push-Up Challenge

The 22 push-up challenge is the latest craze on the internet and like any other craze it has spread like wildfire - this dog is not immune as well.

The owner of the adorable dog had barely started doing pushups when his furry friend decided to join in.

Not only that, the overly excited canine began licking away at the man’s face and then got on his arm and held on to his back, making it impossible for him to complete the push-ups. The brave man did manage to do 21.

The 22 push-up challenge was started by a U.S. organization called 22Kill, which has launched a campaign to raise awareness about veteran suicides. Army paratrooper Sgt. Gabe Gonzalez initiated it after several of his fellow soldiers from his first combat deployment killed themselves over the past few years.

“I felt so bad. I wish there had been something I could have done,” he says.

So Gonzalez posted a simple video of himself doing 22 pushups on Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #22KILL and challenged a friend to do likewise. Soon it turned into a competition of sorts and hasn’t stopped since.

 Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Flickr

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