College Grad Receives Lost ID In Mail With Hilarious Thank You Note

A 23-year-old college graduate got a surprise in the mail when she received a lost driver’s license along with a funny thank you note.

Some people have a knack for losing things.

For one recent college grad, it happens to be her driver’s license.

Christina Egan, 23, recently graduated from Columbia University and has faced some difficulties keeping her driver’s license safe, BuzzFeed reported.

In fact, in the last year alone, she’s lost her ID a total of three times.

“I usually just go out with my ID, debit card and lip gloss in my jacket pocket,” she told BuzzFeed. “No purse, no wallet. Bad habit.”

Last year, she lost her ID while she was at a bar in New York City. It happened so often she got it replaced and thought nothing of it. These things happen.

This week though, she got a surprise in the mail in the form of a card which contained her lost ID from last year and a hilarious note to go with it.

 Christina Egan

The note read:

“Found this on the floor of a bar about a year ago. Hope you don’t mind I used it for a while. But – now I’m 21 so you can have it back! Thanks!”

Egan was obviously surprised by the note, which had been sent anonymously and with no return address.

She said assumes that the author of the note is a college student in Albany, which is where the card had been stamped and thought that the note was “hilarious.”

“I hope this mystery girl enjoyed her time as Christina, I only wish she would have sent the $10 it took to replace. Just kidding … kinda,” Egan mused to BuzzFeed.

She said she plans to use the old ID as a backup given her proclivity to lose it so often. Good luck, Christina!

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