5-Year-Old Scientist Debuts His Science Show With A Tornado In A Jar

This little boy’s parents apparently do not need to worry about his safety if a tornado unexpectedly hits their home. He knows how to deal with it.

This little boy is an Einstein in the making.

5-year-old Oliver opened his new science show, “Oliver’s Science Lab,” by creating a mini tornado in a jar and then sharing some cool facts about the twisters.

The first episode of the show is called “Tornado in a Jar” and little Oliver advises his fans to have “adult supervision to help” before starting his experiment. Turns out, all you need to make your own little DIY tornado are a few common household items.

Oliver mixes in a teaspoon of vinegar and dish soap (and some food coloring so the viewers could easily see the tornado forming) with water to make a very realistic, diminutive tornado.

However, Oliver explains that’s not how real twisters are formed.

“So tornadoes form if warm rising air, cold air, mix together forming a funnel” says Oliver, illustrating his lesson with the tornado funnel he made.

Tornado In A Jar


Oliver also imparts information about the five categories of tornadoes, ranging from the tiniest F1 to the thickest F5, which is “very dangerous, so dangerous.”

The little scientist in the making also knows what to do if his area is hit by an unexpected tornado.

“Tornadoes have alarms. If you hear one you get in shelter. If you’re outside and there is a tornado, you run inside.”

Clearly, Oliver has a lot of knowledge about natural disasters and also knows how to survive them. His YouTube channel had received almost 24,000 likes at the time of writing this.

Fans will no doubt eagerly await the next episode of “Oliver’s Science Lab.”

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