500 People Pose For What Is Possibly The World’s Largest Family Photo

Around 500 people who share the same family name of Ren came together for an epic photograph in the Zhejiang province of China.

Around 500 people from the Shishecun village in Zhejiang, China, came together for an epic family photo behind basalt formations, after they traced family members via an extensive family tree.

People from the 25th to 31st generations of the “Ren” got into their positions as organizer Ren Tuanjie yelled instructions. The entire process took around a half-hour.

Ren Tuanjie, whose name coincidentally means “unity,” says that around 1,000 people belonging to the seven generations of his family are still alive. However, approximately one-third of them have left the village, and he is trying to get in touch with them.

The incredible photo of the large family was posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo. Impressed internet users soon began posting comments with predictions about what the youngest and eldest members of the family might be doing.

"The youngest child is probably getting all the red packets (with money in them) until he can't take it anymore,” a person who goes by the name of LetsGoPlayqoq commented.

"The oldest is probably bankrupt from distributing all the angpows," another wrote.

The picture was also shared on People’s Daily China’s Facebook page, where it received around 11,000 reactions and was shared 260 times.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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