Why This 6-Year-Old Boy Pays For Mom On Dinner Dates

A young Michigan mom, teaching her 6-year old son the value of women, has gained the attention of Internet users on her way of upbringing.

6-Year-Old Boy

A young woman’s attempt to teach her 6-year old son manners has taken the Internet by storm.

Nikkole Paulun, who was once featured on MTV’s show 16 and Pregnant, posted a photo of her son that commends him on his lovely table manners on their monthly “dinner date.”

The Michigan mom wrote in her Facebook post that their dinner date is a monthly ritual where her son treats her like a queen. He pays for the food out of the money he earns from chores, pulls out her chair and asks her about her day.

Once a month my 6 year old son takes me out on a dinner date. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, talks about his...

Posted by Nikkole Paulun on  Friday, January 1, 2016

Paulun’s post has been liked by over 2.8 million people and has been shared nearly half a million times. However, some people have criticized the post as they pointed out things like that the MTV starlet is forcing her child to pay for the food.

6-Year-Old Boy

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Some other users don’t like the fact that Paulun is teaching her child, Lyle, to pay the bills in full rather than splitting it.

6-Year-Old Boy

Although many people have attempted to misinterpret the post and twist her beautiful relationship with her son into something ugly, others have stood by the young mother and congratulated her for raising such a well-mannered son.

6-Year-Old Boy

6-Year-Old Boy

While many parents raise their kids to be discourteous and selfish, Paulun wants to buck that trend. She stated in her post that she has been abused by men in her past and that is one of the prime reasons she wants to instill respect for women in her son.

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