89-Year-Old Man Posts Job Ad To Stop Him From 'Dying of Boredom'

"Old soldier, airborne forces. Save me from dying of boredom!” he wrote in a job-seeking ad that ran in the Herald Express in the United Kingdom.

Ever been so bored on vacation, you almost WISHED you were back at work? 

Widower and war veteran Joe Bartley, 89, who's from the United Kingdom, is all too familiar with the feeling. In fact, he published a hilarious ad in the paper asking for work because he was bored to tears, the Guardian reports.

The post reads,

“Senior citizen 89 seeks employment in Paignton area. 20hrs+ per week. Still able to clean, light gardening, DIY and anything. I have references. Old soldier, airborne forces. Save me from dying of boredom!”

Bartley's wife, Cassandra, passed away two years ago, and understandably, Bartley is a little lonely. In a video for the BBC, he likens his flat to "solitary confinement."

"I was always so active you see, so I thought, 'I wonder if I can get a job, a part-time job at my age,'" he said, prompting him to put out an honest ad in the Herald Express.

Apparently, Bartley's adorable flyer did him justice, and he has two offers on the table: one for work in a restaurant, and one for work in a supermarket. 

"When I first put in the ad, I thought it was just an old guy looking for work. I don’t really see what is strange about that,” he said. “But have I now reached celebrity status? That might worry some people, but it doesn’t worry me."

We're willing to bet he'll be one very hard worker. 

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