99-Year-Old Grandma Gets Arrested As Part Of Her Bucket List

The Nijmegen took to Facebook to share the story of Annie, a nearly 100 –year-old grandma who wanted to get arrested so she could tick it off her bucket list.

Bucket lists often comprise of items such as “climbing Mount Kilimanjaro”, “skydiving”, “riding a zip line” or even visiting all the countries of the world. But a 99-year-old woman from Netherlands had a rather odd goal to achieve — to get arrested. Yes, you read that right.

Last week, the police of Nijmegen, Netherlands, took to Facebook to share an adorable story and images of a grandma, known only as Annie who they arrested upon her request. Apparently, her niece contacted the local officers informing them of the elderly woman’s unusual wish. Officers who were glad to help, soon made their way to the woman and drove her to jail, after which they kept her behind bars for a few minutes.

"An officer decided to look into the possibility to grant her request. One thing led to another, and the result is a happy Annie, a ticked off bucket list and some very nice pictures," a police spokersperson told InsideEdition.com.


Social media users took to the post commending the granny for her “achievement.”

“You are no one until you got to jail. Great job Auntie!” one person wrote.

“This police dept. is awesome. She couldn't look happier! This post made my night!,” another commented.

Interestingly, Annie is not the only one to have the bizarre item on her bucket list. Last year, a 102-year-old woman from Missouri was granted her wish by the local police when they handcuffed and arrested her after drawing up a fake arrest warrant.

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