9-Year-Old Opens Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For His Adoption

A 9-year-old boy raised enough money selling lemonade for his foster mom to afford to pay his legal adoption fees, making him an official part of her family.

Tristin Jacobson of Springfield, Missouri is a 9-year-old businessman who came up with a plan to better his life.

According to WGN TV, Jacobson’s biological mother left him on the doorstep of a Missouri shelter four years ago and he has been raised by a woman named Donnie Davis ever since.

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He’s happy with Davis; however, she hasn’t been able to afford the legal fees to formally adopt the young boy so he recently opened up a lemonade stand to raise money for his own adoption.

“I know she’s responsible taking care of me and I know she’s going to be a great mother,” Jacobson said to local reporters.

Once the Internet caught on to Jacobson’s story, people flocked to his stand and as of last weekend he now has more than enough money for Davis to pay his adoption fees.

Their goal was $5,000 and they raised $14,000 including funds from the lemonade sales as well as a yard sale and a YouCaring.com fundraiser. Davis reportedly said that the extra $9,000 will be saved to go toward Jacobson’s college education.

Although the formal adoption will make things official in the eyes of the law, Davis' family already considers Jacobson one of their own: “He’s already a part of our family,” Davis said. “In mine and my husband’s hearts, that’s our son.”

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