Group Took Selfies While Three Men In A Motorcycle Crash Were Dying

Three men on a motorcycle were struck by a bus in India. As they lay in a pool of their own blood, workers gathered around them — and did nothing to help.

A group of three men on a single motorcycle were involved in an accident. It didn’t take long for a group of people to see and gather around them — unfortunately, that group didn’t do anything to help the victims.

The three riders, Parmanand, Gemra Ram and Chandra Prakash, were struck by a school bus in Rajasthan, India. One of the three died instantly, while the other two lay helpless on the road.

A group of laborers from a nearby concrete factory soon showed up. But rather than helping the victims, the workers took pictures and videos of them struggling to stay alive on the ground. Some took selfies of themselves with the victims dying in the background.

Police condemned the behavior of the workers who did nothing.

“It was against humanity. Those who were present should have helped them but instead one of them was busy taking a selfie video,” one officer said.

Had the workers made any attempts to help the bikers, who were laying in a pool of their own blood, according to one video account, it’s probable that they could have survived. Instead, the two victims who survived the crash died, one en route to the hospital and the other shortly after arriving there.

They had laid on the ground, begging for help, for nearly half an hour before their ambulance arrived.

This type of behavior cannot be tolerated. When a fellow human being is in danger, in a situation where they can easily be helped by others nearby, it is imperative that something proactive be done — and that doesn't include looking on with fascination or taking selfies while they suffer, as these individuals did.

Officials in the area ought to consider taking action against these workers, specifically the ones who were preoccupied with their own vanity and taking selfies while others suffered. It’s simply inexcusable that this happened, and the families of those who died deserve justice for these workers’ inaction.

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