A Kid Actually Wanted His Hair Cut Like A Grown, Balding Man

Images of a little boy with a hilarious haircut have gone viral after his uncle made him look like their balding neighbor and posted about it on Facebook.

bald man

It’s no secret that young children don’t always make the best judgment calls, which is usually when parents and guardians intervene to help steer them in the right direction.

In Sean Wrightson’s case, he chose to oblige his young nephew when he recently asked for his haircut to be styled like an older, balding stranger.

"Cut my nephew's hair and he told me he wanted it like my next door neighbour's who's bald on top and got a little bit of hair on sides," Wrightson wrote on Facebook. "So being the great uncle I am I give the kid what he wanted."

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Wrightson included a photo of his nephew’s haircut with the post which has since been shared more than 8,000 times and garnered more than 27,000 likes and reactions.

Luckily for the kid — who likely regretted his decision immediately after looking in the mirror — his uncle fixed his haircut and transformed it into something a little more youthful and edgy.

kid bald hairstyle

Nevertheless, the photos of his temporary “balding neighbor” hairdo continue to give the internet a really good laugh.

One awesome outcome from this bizarre situation is the fact that older gentlemen who are balding, and can’t seem to let go of those side patches of hair, can rejoice in knowing that there are young people in the world who actually admire their look. 

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook, Sean Wrightson

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