A Muslim Fourth Grader Has A Simple Message To Donald Trump

Sakeena Ahmed, a nine-year-old resident of Illinois, wrote a letter to the president elect about her experience growing up Muslim in America.

A little Muslim girl living in Oak Brook, Illinois has a message for Donald Trump and his unbearable, anti-Muslim rhetoric. She wrote him a letter which her mother posted on social media, offering a single wish for him as he gears up to become the next president.

Nine-year-old Sakeena Ahmed wrote to the president-elect, “My only wish for you [is to be] good. And I hope this letter does make you good.”

Ahmed described the hardships that growing up as a Muslim girl in her town entails. She wrote how people at the store stare at her and her mother, who wears a headscarf. She said, “Being Muslims is a little difficult. Imagine if everybody hates your religion.”

She also explained an anecdote about a verbal aggression that her nine-year-old cousin encountered while playing soccer. Her cousin’s teammate ridiculed her for not wearing shorts since it wasn’t part of her religion. Ahmed wrote that one of the girls on the team said, “She’s just not our kind.”

In the letter, the girl addressed the Islamophobia that Trump used to secure votes. Throughout his campaign, Trump has not only proposed a ban on Muslims, but also humiliated the parents of a fallen Muslim captain in the United States Army.

 “You are saying we are terrorists,” Ahmed continued. “We definitely don’t do anything that you say we do. My dad is a doctor. This is proof we are good! We are not bad. We want peace just like you!”

sakeena ahmed, Photo: Aamina Ali-Ahmed, Facebook

Her mother told The Huffington Post in an email that her daughter and son were concerned that their father, who was born in India, would get deported during Trump’s presidency.

“In order to ease their concerns, we discussed our rights as American citizens and that they cannot be taken away from us,” she said. “Although I personally have my own issues and fears about this, it was the only way I was able to make them feel better and not fear the outcomes of this election.”

Ahmed’s letter speaks volumes to the troubles which the election has plagued our nation’s children, particularly those who are growing up in Muslim households.  

Banner photo: Reuters

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