Scorpion Falls On United Passenger's Head And Stings Him

The unlikely (and dangerous) passenger probably came aboard with someone's luggage, Global News Canada reports. The plane was on its way to Calgary from Houston.

Just when you thought the press surrounding United Airlines couldn't get any worse, an actual, live scorpion dropped into a passenger's hair during a United flight from Houston to Calgary. Even worse, it later stung him. 


The critter reportedly fell from an overhead bin and onto Richard Bell's hair on his way home from Calgary with his wife Linda, Global News Canada reports.  The scorpion was an inch-and-a-half long and honey-colored, and Linda said she thought it looked like a "little lobster."

Needless to say, it was not a little lobster.

After Bell dropped the scorpion on his plate, he picked it back up for reasons unknown, and it stung him. He described it as feeling "like a wasp sting." 

Another passenger eventually crushed it underfoot and disposed of it. After the plane landed, emergency personnel rushed to Bell's aid. 

"The pilot announced it," passenger John Rogers said of the medical attention. "Because the passenger was bitten, emergency services, the fire department, and police boarded the plane."

Bell, however, rejected medical treatment, as he was displaying "no signs of distress," and United is apparently investigating the event. 

One more stint of bad PR, and this company may cave entirely. As Fortune notes, United's stock has dropped by more than $1 billion in light of recent incidents.

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