New Video Shows How Terrifying Trump's America Would Be

A video produced by a liberal PAC imagines what life during a Donald Trump presidency could look like and it’s terrifying everyone.

With just six days left till the presidential election, if you’re wondering what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for America, look no further.

A video by Emily's List, a political action committee that supports Hillary Clinton, in partnership with BuzzFeed shows us exactly what Trump’s America would look like.

The video begins with a father and his preteen son playing basketball, when the son asks his father what he should do about a girl he likes.

The father, invoking the infamous Access Hollywood Video, suggests that he can just start kissing her, or that because he’s a star, she’ll let you do anything.

Later we learn that gone are the days of tall, grande and venti when it comes coffee cup sizes. They’ve been replaced by, "tremendous," "huge" and "loser." 

Characters throughout the video speak in Trump-ese, using the Republican presidential candidate's own words to drive home the terrifying point of what his rhetoric might look like when acted upon in real life. 

A scene from the video

In one scene a woman passes by a male coworker in the office who remarks, “you never get to the face with a body like that.”

That scene recalls Trump’s appearance on Howard Stern's show in 2004, in which he said the same thing in a conversation about sex and marriage.

When the woman is shown complaining about the incident to her manager, the man is seen denying it completely and the manager’s response is: “If you don’t like it, you can always find another job.

As the video ends, the on-screen text has a particularly biting message:

"Don't let Donald Trump's America become a reality ... Vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th."

The video is a stunning reminder of the offensive, misogynistic rhetoric that Trump has used throughout this election cycle.

What’s amazing is that someone who has uttered even a fraction of those words would still be within striking distance of the presidency.

The irony of this election is that the choice for president this year is between a woman and the most misogynistic candidate that has ever run for office.

Given that choice, the fact that the polls are virtually tied, says a lot about where America is today. 

But don't worry, all that could change on November 8.

Banner Photo: Video Screenshot

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