Tourist's Gift To Barefoot Filipino Boy Goes Viral

Tourist Kris Carroll bought a pair of $60 Nike shoes for a 14-year-old who was begging for money outside of shops in the city of Pasing in the Philippines.

It's the random acts of kindness that keep the world, in its natural state of madness and misadventure, turning and turning. Tourist Kris Carroll was touring the city of Pasig in the Philippines when he saw barefoot 14-year-old Warren selling flowers and asking for cash, Yahoo Style reports

As such, Carroll and Warren went inside the nearby mall and shopped for brand new Nikes. 

Warren had his feet measured for the sneakers, which were $60 and paid for by Carroll. 

Warren, who was utterly grateful, offered Carroll his jasmine flowers, and Carroll apparently asked a salesperson where he could buy the teen clothes. After purchasing the shoes, Carroll and Warren went to The SM (a department store, Yahoo Style reports), and McDonald's. 

The incident is detailed in a Facebook photo montage by user Ahyan Yerro. Many commenters are saluting Carroll for his generous deeds and commending him for spreading the love. 

The poverty incidence among residents in the Philippines was nearly 22 percent in 2015, the Philippines Statistics Authority reports. This is a marked improvement from about 25 percent in 2012. Still, 2015 estimates of the poverty incidence in the United States hovers around 13 percent, to draw a comparison.  

To aid in the fight against child poverty in the Philippines, check out Child International, and consider sponsoring a child, donating, or just speaking up

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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