Before Her Murder, Trans Woman Was Brutally Beaten On Camera

"Any act that seeks to destroy life has my deepest disgust," the governor of the state of Ceará wrote on Facebook regarding the incident.

As legislative obstacles for transgender men and women in the United States stack up, trans people everywhere are falling victim to extreme physical brutality. Such is the case for trans woman Dandara dos Santos in Brazil, who was tortured and beaten in a video that lit up social media, according to the New York Times.

The 42-year-old was later shot and killed on the same day, Feb. 15.

The police have reportedly detained three teens and two men for the crime. The footage helped authorities locate the suspects, but the search remains for others. For ethical reasons, Carbonated.TV is not including a link to this video. 

On Facebook, the governor of the state of Ceará wrote:

"Any act that seeks to destroy life has my deepest disgust ... Our goal is to reduce, increasingly, the crimes against life. In front of the repulsive and unacceptable crime of which was the victim Dandara dos Santos, in Fortaleza, determined to the secretary of security total commitment in order to identify and punish each of the criminals. Have certainty that they will not go unpunished. We will not tolerate this kind of violence."

According to Brazilian website Rede Trans, 144 transgender men and women were murdered in the country last year. 

The viral video — in which Santos was kicked in the face, beaten with a plank of wood, and put into a wheelbarrow — made the rounds on YouTube and other social outlets.

But it doesn't need to be seen in order to realize the depths of trans oppression and violence. Take a look at the facts. 

In what may be the biggest understatement ever, something has to change

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