Depressed Pit Bull Waits For Family, Who Abandoned Him, For A Month

The loyal dog was abandoned by his family along with some broken furniture. But Boo waited, hoping he would meet then again. They never came back.

When Boo saw his family moving out of their home in Detroit, he didn’t know they were abandoning him.

So, the loyal pit bull waited for his owners for nearly a month on an old mattress, which was discarded along with some other furniture.

The Dodo reports Boo became depressed while waiting. Neighbors provided him food and water, however, he refused to move from the spot his family had left him on.

Finally, Boo’s story reached Dustin Oliver, the founder of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, who decided to help the dog. Oliver also goes by the name Mike Diesel.

To help Boo, Oliver needed to earn his trust first, which was a difficult task considering the abandoned creature was already feeling miserable.

Oliver began spending time with Boo. He fed him hash browns and McMuffins.

Abandoned Dog

After this, Boo allowed Oliver to get near him — enough to put a leash around his neck.

Abandoned Dog

After spending some more time together, Oliver was eventually able to take Boo with him to the shelter.

Abandoned Dog

Although Boo is doing well, he has stage-two heartworm, which is being treated and the process can take around six months.

Meanwhile, the dog is in need of a foster home, though that might not take very long since Boo’s story has gone viral and a lot of people would love to take him home.

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