Fans Slam AC Milan For Performing Haka As A Marketing Ploy

Billboards around the stadium flashed the words “Men, this is your ritual,” as the historic club offended legions of fans across the world.

Soccer fans all around the world witnessed one of the most bizarre sights of the season Thursday night when Italian giants AC Milan — or at least some guys wearing their uniforms  brazenly performed a haka dance before their match against Carpi F.C.

The cringe-inducing dance video shows a host of actors, dressed up to look like members of the historic soccer club, take the field and break into a bad imitation of the tribal dance most prominently performed by New Zealand rugby teams.

Apart from being culturally and traditionally offensive, what made the whole thing even worse was the fact that it was a marketing ploy for global skincare company Nivea, a sponsor of the club. Signs around the stadium displayed the words “Men, this is your ritual,” as the performers mockingly scrubbed their faces and body and washed their hands.

Unsurprisingly, fans utterly disgusted by the inappropriate and ill-advised haka performance took no time to lambaste the soccer club on social media:






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The Twitterati were quick to point out that appropriating another culture’s serious custom for a humorous publicity stunt was just unacceptable.







What a sad, sad day for soccer.

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