Protesters Climb Crane To Hang ‘Resist’ Banner Near White House

A handful of protesters affiliated with the environmental organization Greenpeace pulled a dangerous stunt to send a powerful message to America.

The resistance against Donald Trump’s presidency is in full swing with activists still feeding off the energy from Saturday’s phenomenal nationwide Women’s March on Washington.

Early Wednesday, seven Greenpeace activists climbed a construction crane near the White House and hung a 70-by-30-foot “RESIST” banner from it.  

Although the crane is located at a construction site blocks away from the White House, it stretches across the sky in a way that gives the illusion that the banner is hanging right beside Trump's new home.

According to CNN, the demonstrators — who came from across the country to protest Trump — released a statement saying they are “calling for those who want to resist Trump’s attacks on environmental, social, economic, and educational justice to contribute to a better America.”

"The purpose for this action today was to really send a message to everybody in this country, similar to the millions that showed up to the Women's March, that are feeling discouraged this week after we've seen Donald Trump take steps to advance the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, issuing gag orders on the press and the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] and the Department of Agriculture," said Greenpeace activist Cassady Craighill.

After unfurling the banner, the protesters remained on top of the crane. Washington police have called the action “dangerous and unlawful,” however, Craighill maintains that the group is safe.

“We want to get an image of this message that can last throughout this administration,” she said. “And as soon as we feel that that's been accomplished, then the activists will feel ready to come down.”

If Americans thought that the momentum would die following the Women’s March, these protesters are here to prove that theory wrong. As long as Trump and his administration work diligently to attack all of our civil liberties, the resistance will continue. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Ad Meskens

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