Man In NYC Shares His Story Of Being 'Haunted' By A Child Ghost

“I woke up with a start and felt something strange, like something had just been watching me. I turned on the light but I was alone,” he wrote on Twitter.



A New York city-based artist claims he is haunted by the ghost of a dead child and is sharing photos of his “horror story” on Twitter, which has left the internet divided.

Adam Ellis has been documenting his story by the name of “Dear David.” He has constantly been updating people on his story and said the spirit has possessed his home for a few months.

The saga began in August, when Ellis began sharing stories from his apartment claiming the dead child “wanted to kill” him. He kept updating followers unusual activities happening in his house.

After nearly being silent for two weeks, Ellis returned to Twitter with an update on the story that is sure to give you nightmares.

At first he apologized for being away for a long time, he said he is had a hard time sleeping and constantly feels dizzy.

“There was this a tangible feeling of... badness? Everything felt wrong, sort of like when you have the flu and you wake up at night and can't really tell where you are for a minute. It was a feeling I'm used to — it always accompanies David. People tweet at me a lot saying he might just need help, but I'm certain that's not the case. Every time he shows up, I feel a palpable sense of malice,” he wrote.

Ellis added he wanted to capture his room over the night and downloaded an app on his phone clicks pictures every minute.

The next morning he woke with about 350 pictures on his mobile phone. At first, most of the pictures were just of him lying on his bed in a dark room. However, as he scrolled through them he found images that shook him.

According to Ellis, several chilling images showed a child like doll standing on a sofa in his room looking in the direction of his bed. He then found photos that showed “Dear David” looking up at the ceiling and then lying “lifeless” on the sofa.

Before sharing another image, Ellis said, “That's when my heart started to race. I didn't want to look at the rest of the photos, but I knew I had to. I swiped to the next photo and my heart sank into my stomach.”

The photo he shared shows "Dear David" on his bed leaning over Ellis just inches away from him.


In the photo that followed, the spirit stares right in the camera.


The update on Dear David ended with a picture that showed his head extremely close to camera.


The saga is giving some people who believe Ellis chills and others belly laughs over what they say is a hoax.


Banner / Thumbnail : Flickr, Thomas Leuthard

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