WATCH: Woman Is Thrilled As She Unwraps iPhone X Thinking It's Perfume

An adorable mother was really happy with her Christmas perfume gift until she discovered it was actually an iPhone.



All mothers are adorable, but this New Mexico mama is going viral for the most genuine reason: her innocence.

Now we know that our parents aren’t all tech savvy so one can expect anything when gifting them a technical gadget.

And sometimes their reactions to those gadgets are priceless. 

The mother featured in the now viral video, had a similar experience, when her daughter gifted her an iPhone for Christmas. She thought it was a perfume.

As soon as the mother opened her present, she shouted "perfume!” out of excitement and started thanking her daughter. 

The daughter filming her mother’s expressions could not control her laughter and finally revealed that the gift was actually an iPhone and not a perfume. She soon posted the hilarious video on Twitter.

"My lil Filipino mom thought her iPhone X was perfume and I cry everytime I watch it,” said user Rosieposii_ in the initial video of her family opening gifts in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Her video has since gone viral.

In another video, her mother being a good sport finally thanked everyone for the present while posing with her gift, smiling for the camera.


Several online users couldn’t help but comment on this mother’s pure reaction.








Thumbnail / Banner : Reuters, David Gray 

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