Adorable Old Lady Delighted By Two Women Getting Engaged At Museum

Two young women got engaged at the Art Institute of Chicago, but they were unaware of this older woman's reaction until they looked at the pictures later.

An adorable proposal at the Art Institute of Chicago was captured on camera by loved ones, but they didn't notice this older woman's reaction until after the fact.

Jessica Rodriguez proposed to her fiancée Chelsea Miller while kneeling among the marble statues at the Chicago Institute of art.

Rodriguez told Buzzfeed that she was inspired to propose at the Institute because of the couple's love of artwork, saying, "We have traveled to various art museums in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. I once worked in an art gallery called the Wynne Home Arts Center, and we even have a custom painting of our baby, Gatsby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy."

Her brother, Carlos Jair Rodriguez, tweeted a photo of an unnoticed witness to their proposal, an older woman sitting nearby. 

The woman's face is clearly overjoyed at the sight of the young couple getting engaged. 

In a political climate full of racism and homophobia, it's so nice to see people who break that mold, like this woman who was deeply touched by the young Latina woman's proposal to her future wife.

The post of the proposal and the stranger's reaction has gone seriously viral, garnering over 99,000 retweets and 314,000 likes.

Congratulations to Rodriguez and Miller and their bright future together, and special thanks to this woman for reminding the world that love is always beautiful.

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