After Being Diagnosed With Cancer, Woman Sees 7 Wonders In 13 Days

After being diagnosed with skin cancer, one San Francisco-based film maker decided to see as much of the ancient world as she could in 13 days.

San Francisco-based filmmaker Megan Sullivan was diagnosed with skin cancer, was in a car accident, and fell off a cliff all within the same month in 2015.

“It all started in Yosemite Valley where I had been training for three years to climb the nose route on El Capitan,” Sullivan told BuzzFeed. “I was 2,000 feet up when I took a terrifying 50-foot fall. After a fall like that, I started to question everything… from why am I putting myself into these scary situations? What am I trying to prove to myself, or better yet, to the world?”

It didn’t stop there. A week later, she was hit by a car while riding her Vespa, then was diagnosed with skin cancer during a routine check-up.

“In three weeks’ time I was handed the trifecta of bad luck,” she added.

Her brush with mortality made her want to seize what precious time she had left on this earth—specifically by seeing as much of it as she can! With her lucrative career, this wasn’t impossible, either.

“I have a very high-demanding job which fortunately pays enough for me to be able to travel,” she said. “A massive misconception is that you have to be Bill Gates to travel the world… False.”

In just 13 days, Sullivan was able to travel to 12 countries and see seven Wonders of the World. She took 15 flights and travelled a total of 28,211 miles. 

On her first stop, Sullivan went to Chichen Itza, the world-famous Mayan step pyramid (known as El Castillo), located on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

She then hopped on a plane and arrived at Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel that is set high in the Andes mountains in Peru. It was built back in the 15th century, and is renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar—a feat that still amazes tourists and scientists to this day.

On day four she found her way to the Cristo Redentor, an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It stands at 125 feet, and was completed back in 1931.

Two days later, Sullivan arrived at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. She later posted videos of her and her friends skateboarding around the area, smiling and laughing the whole time.


Day 4: Rome #euroelectricskateboardweekend #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on

On day eight, she stopped at the famous archeological site Petra, located in Jordan's southwestern desert. The site has been dated as far back as 300 B.C., and features tombs and temples that are carved into the pink sandstone cliffs. Sullivan allegedly climbed on the rocks near the site.

By day 11, Sullivan made it to the ivory-white marbled Taj Mahal. Commissioned back in 1632 and standing at 240 feet tall, this beautiful mausoleum may be one of the most aweing sights on her list.

Last, but certainly not least, Sullivan finished her trip at the Great Wall of China on day 12. Standing like she did in all the others, she held up seven of her fingers, signaling the end of her trip.

The wanderlust must have been particularly powerful for her to have made so many lengthy trips to see these incredible wonders—we’re just glad we get to live vicariously with her through the journey!

Check out the images from her awe-inspiring journey here:


Day 1: Chichen Itza #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 2: Machu Picchu #7wonders13days #livemorenow

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Day 4: Cristo Redentor #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 6: Colosseum #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 8: Petra #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 11: Taj Mahal #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 12// Great Wall of China

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