Being Born Mid-Flight Has Its Rewards: Free Tickets For Life

A pregnant mother gave birth aboard a Jet Airways plane on Father's Day, and the airlines gifted the newborn with free airline tickets for life.

Airline travel has become pretty miserable these days.

From not being fed anything on long-haul flights to limited legroom and even abuse, there's little to rejoice when it comes to flying. But if you ask the woman who went into labor aboard a Jet Airways flight on Sunday, she might relay a different feeling.

According to the BBC, the pregnant woman went into labor prematurely on the flight from Saudi Arabia to India on Sunday. With the help of a trained nurse, who just so happened to be a passenger on the flight, and crew members, her baby boy was delivered right there on the plane.

The real kicker, though, is that the little boy now has free flights for life on the airline. (I guess he'll never know the annoyance of blackout dates.)

Once the Boeing 737 landed in Mumbai, the mother and her new bundle of joy were taken to a local hospital, and the BBC reported that both baby and momma are doing well. 

In a statement, Jet Airways said they congratulate "its crew for their response and promptness that saw them successfully translate their training into life saving action.”

This was the first time a birth occurred on one of their planes, and on Monday, they tweeted a really cool pretend Father’s Day card to the father from his new son.

This will definitely be a Father's Day that the family will never forget.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user  BriYYZ

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