Airline Staff Under Fire For Posing With Blow Up Doll And Spitting

Flight crew members employed by Air New Zealand are in big trouble after video footage and photos of their inappropriate behavior resurfaced online.

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Air New Zealand is facing scrutiny for salacious photos and videos featuring members of its flight crew that recently surfaced.

One video, which appears to have originally been posted on Snapchat, shows a flight attendant walking down the aisle of a plane while spitting out water with the caption, “wish I could spit on passengers like this.”

The photos involved multiple employees and a pilot posing inappropriately with a blow up doll. The airline claims the images and video were taken between one and four years ago, but the company’s officials maintain they were “shocked and appalled,” by the material, according to Mashable.

The employees associated with the scandalous footage and pictures have reportedly been suspended. “One of the staff members concerned no longer works for Air New Zealand and the other two have been removed from duties pending the outcome of our investigation,” the airline confirmed.

It makes no difference how old the material is; it was just as inappropriate then as it is now and continues to serve as a poor reflection of the airline.

It is common knowledge that once something is on the internet, it lives on forever in cyberspace.

This includes Snapchat, which gives a false sense of security to users by “deleting” posts after 24 hours. But, videos and photos can easily be extracted from the app.

Therefore, the employees should have known that these childish antics would catch up to them at some point.

Following the formal investigation, all or some of the employees may get to keep their jobs, but Air New Zealand will likely lose some passengers who don’t take kindly to flight attendants expressing the desire to spit on them. 

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