This Weird Alien-Like Insect Shows How Creepy Nature Can Get

A video showing a bizarre crawling creature began making rounds on the internet last month and some people assumed the frail wire-like insects were aliens.

A weird insect stunned the internet after a netizen named Huang Meilan filmed the creature that looks like an alien. The brittle beings were discovered somewhere on the rocks in Hsinchu, Taiwan, last month.

The video has since been making waves online, with people calling the tangled wired looking creature is something out of a science fiction movie.

Meilan explained she was “shocked” by the creepy crawlies and had “never seen anything like it before.”

“I found this on the ground and it caught my eye. It was so strange and people said different things about it. But I wanted to know what it actually was,” she added.

Naturally, anyone will get scared of something that is so unusual, moving like a string of threads.

Some people suggested the moving insects were several horsehair worms knotted together. Others were more imaginative and called the tangled wires moving on the ground were an “alien life form.”

“It could be a new creature made from a genetic mutation that we've never seen before. It's a bit freaky watching it, it looks like an alien life form that has got lost on earth. I’m sure there’s an explanation but I’ve looked online I can’t find what it is. Maybe it really is an alien that’s got lost and ended up in Taiwan,” commented one online user.

Whatever the case might be, this just goes to show how scary nature can be. 

Last year, Russian fishermen discovered mysterious sea creatures deep in the ocean and uploaded their pictures for the world to see.

Just recently, a mysterious fanged sea creature washed up on a beach in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. A researcher believed the creature was a tusky eel. However, the picture shared by the person who originally discovered the decaying body was horrific. 

All of this raises concerns for the most pertinent matters of all time: the environment.

If it’s not protected, it has the capacity of destroying everything around us.

Thumbnail Credits: Pixabay, Josch13

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