"All Muslims Are Terrorists" - Student Films Islamophobic Tube Tirade

For people who think Islamophobia is overblown, this happens every day across the globe. But this time it was caught on video.

A recent video filmed and uploaded by an unnamed 21-year-old student shows a man launching a hateful verbal attack against her on a subway in United Kingdom.

“Not long after I had sat down, one of them starts speaking really loudly," she said.

The perpetrator is clearly heard saying that, “All Muslims are terrorists.”

The comment was obviously directed at the young Muslim woman sitting in front of the man. She chose not to react at the time, but her video speaks volumes.

"He realized I wasn't saying anything so carried on with his abuse. So what did I do? Turned around and smiled :), I thought to myself this guy is obviously quite ignorant if he's going to say such comments... but no point giving him an even bad impression of Muslims, than what he already has in mind.

"There were quite a lot of people and no one said anything. People totally ignored it — I was shocked."

The young woman posted the 9-second clip on social media with the caption: "What happened to me today as soon as I got on the train and sat down... #Islamophobia."

The video has now been shared hundreds of times on social media, with many Twitter users praising the woman for her stand against the passenger.

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