This Might Be The Best Trick Shot To Start The New Year

The trick shot was carried out with the help of several billiard balls, cue sticks and billiard tables placed in strategic positions.

Many of us struggle to make a good golf shot even with the hole just a few inches away from  the ball.

However, this trick shot sailed in without even having the hole in sight.

The All Star Sports Bar in Bristol, United Kingdom, scored a seemingly impossible hit as part of their Christmas Trick Shot —apparently a tradition they carry out each year.

The video was posted on their Facebook page and the bar apologized for being late (it was supposed to be posted on New Year). However, they assured the viewers they will not be disappointed as they believe this one trick shot was better than the last year's attempt.

The clip opens with a man hitting a golf ball down a flight of stairs. As the ball trips down, it hits a billiard ball, which travels down a couple of cue sticks arranged together. It then goes down another flight of stairs and hits another one. The second billiard ball then commences rolling and this goes on for around two minutes.

In the end, the last billiard ball hits a golf ball precariously placed on a slope made from two cue sticks. The golf ball rolls down and unfailingly drops into the hole.



Although the bar owners say the video is genuine, there are some doubts. Throughout the video, the balls apparently seem to defy all laws of gravity and roll unerringly to their designated targets.


If it was real, the shot must have taken some incredible skills, not to mention a load of time. If it was not, it still was an extremely entertaining two minutes.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Iris Zhao

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