News Anchor Who Berated Colleague Over Similar Dress Is At It Again

People on Twitter are calling out Australian TV presenter Amber Sherlock as they suspect she might be involved in another controversy of matching clothes.

In mid-January, an Australian TV presenter Amber Sherlock became a trending topic on Twitter after a leaked video showed her ticking off a fellow journalist.

Sherlock, who appears on Channel 9 News, was quite upset that fellow journalist Julie Snook had worn a white shirt just like herself and her guest for the day. She then demanded that Snook wear a jacket to cover up, so that they were not all wearing white on the show.

Sherlock has once again landed into the limelight, as a picture of her wearing a green top similar to that of a guest on her show is making rounds on the internet. Fashion writer Kellie Alderman, who is wearing a green shirt, can be seen with a blue sweater that has been pulled on top, as if to cover her clothes.

Twitter users are wondering if this is another instance of Sherlock asking people to cover up their clothes, because they’re similar to hers. The current weather in Australia is quite warm which also made people question Alderman’s choice to wear a sweater, unless she was forced to do so.






They also used the hashtag of #jacketgate to call out the TV presenter.

One Twitter user even shared female players participating in the tennis Australia Open wearing similar outfits. “#ambersherlock would be p***** big time if she was playing tonight,” he wrote, poking fun at Sherlock.


Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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