American College Students Shout 'Build That Wall' In Cancun

"We can't be tolerant or much less conciliators or flexible with this [sic] kind of harmful attitudes," wrote Anaximandro Amable Burga in a Facebook status.

Growing up, you were likely taught to demonstrate manners and courtesy when visiting a place of residence as a guest. After all, it's not your house, so treating it with respect is most becoming of you.

Apparently, this lesson isn't one universally learned. The Daily Dot reports that American college students were banding in camaraderie over President Donald Trump's wall — while on spring break in Cancun. Ugh. 

The incident took place aboard a cruise ship off the coast of the city, reports The Yucatan Times.

Anaximandro Amable Burga, a passenger who was with his wife, detailed the egregious behavior in a post on Facebook.

The translated status reads,

"As some of you, my friends, you will have seen, today I was with Sully, my wife (from Mexico) in a show on the sea of Cancun aboard a galley. Most cool. At the end of everything, a flock of Americans (it is not known whether drunk or in " full " use of their faculties) started to sing a fool, I was throwing up like this: "build the wall" ("build the wall")...

Now, I have always been tolerant of the countries of the world and I wanted to believe the stupidity and ignorance, cross over, is characteristic of a small group of people. Especially on this subject, and even more having such great family and friends who live in the United States and I see that is proud of the country to which he migrated, I've always wanted to stay out of the discussion. But there are things that one can't be tolerant, as is the speech that incites hatred."

According to The Yucatan Times, "several" Mexicans displayed signs they had taken offense, but the Americans continued to chant.

Even worse, open racism from tourists on spring break appears to be regularly occurring. As The Yucatan Times points out, it's just one incident in a "growing number."  

Systemic racism is officially expanding on external turf — the very territory targeted by the Trump administration.

The future of the current generation is not looking so bright, after all. 

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