Teenager Throws A Fit At Grandpa For Missing An iPhone Appointment

The calm grandfather deserves a medal for tolerating his misbehaving granddaughter who was screaming and cursing him in a mall full of people.

In a disturbing video, a spoiled teenager can be seen yelling at her grandfather in a mall. The pair got late to an Apple Genius Bar appointment to get her phone fixed because her grandfather apparently took too long standing in line at the food court.

“I don’t want to wait in line for 20 f*****g minutes doing absolutely nothing when we’re supposed to be at our f*****g appointment,” yells the green-haired youngster.

The calm grandfather shows a lot of patience not reacting to the teen's misbehaving attitude and lack of respect.

 “I've been starving all f*****g day,” she rants

She then starts panicking and overdramatizes the situation, “We were supposed to be there five minutes ago.”

Ultimately the girl tells  her grandfather to go the store in her place, "Can you please just go up there and talk to them for me and like leave me the money or something."

After conveniently taking her grandpa’s credit card, she orders him to fix the situation, “You take my phone and you go up there and you talk to them."

"Go, go, go, go," she shouts.

The frustrated spoiled brat does not stop cursing and continues swearing and stamping her feet on the ground even after her embarrassed grandfather goes to get her phone fixed.

RickyFitts829 who recorded the video and uploaded it to Liveleak, was naturally appalled by the girl's behavior.

"I was in a mall waiting for Asian food which ended up tasting like garbage.

"All of a sudden this green haired girl starts cussing at her grandpa about how they're going to be late to fix her iPhone. Merry Christmas I guess," he said.

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Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Lucy Nicholson

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