Woman Uses US Passport To Auction Herself Off In China

The woman held up a signthat read, “USA Citizenship through marriage to the highest bidder.” In her other hand, she held her passport.



An American woman is going to new lengths to get hitched to a rich, Chinese man. And she is offering a U.S. citizenship in the bargain.

During the weekend, an American woman dressed in a wedding gown gained more than her fair share of attention at the Shanghai Marriage Market in People’s Square. In the middle of a throng of people, the unnamed woman held up a signpost that read, “USA Citizenship through marriage to the highest bidder,” in both Chinese and English. In her other hand, she held her bargaining chip: her U.S. passport.

She was already dressed as a bride, signifying her willingness to be married as soon as possible.

For those who don’t know, the Shanghai Marriage Market is held at People’s Park every Saturday and Sunday and is a chance for parents to play matchmakers for their unwedded sons and daughters. The parents pin up information about their children, which include their age, weight, height, academic qualification, occupation, etc., on umbrellas that are left open for other interested parents to view.


The debacle sometimes even includes parents parading their poor, embarrassed and uninterested sons and daughters around for everyone to see, in a bid to get them the best match.

The market has been criticized for being a platform that enabled the elderly to marry off their reluctant children to matchless suitors, but it has also become a tourist attraction since it opened in 2004.

Not many individuals go to these events on their own to find a spouse for themselves, so in this regards, the unnamed American woman is a novelty. It is not yet confirmed if the woman was actually serious about finding herself a spouse in this manner or if it was just a publicity stunt.

As usual, Chinese social media users thought they would share their thoughts on the Twitter-like Weibo. Below are some of their inventive remarks, according to Shanghaiist.

“F***, the legalization of prostitution is just a matter of time,” one user wrote

Some people think the woman’s idea was not novel at all but a rip off of a practice done by people from other provinces.

“To get a Beijing or Shanghai hukou, people from other provinces have long ago started to do this kind of thing,” a Weibo user noted.

According to Chinese media, British actor Sir Ian McKellen also attended one of these events last year.


Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Nick Wagner 

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