Amtrak Asks Woman If She Is Still Stuck In Elevator 7 Months Later

America’s largest train network took their customer service to the next level after checking in with a woman who got tapped in an elevator months ago.


Being stuck inside an elevator is a stuff of nightmares for many people.

However, if one ever is ever trapped in an Amtrak affiliated elevator, they should be certain the help would arrive – even if it is several moons later and the person inside has already died of dehydration and starvation.

Fortunately, the latter did not happen to CNN contributor and former communications director for Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, after she was stuck in an “Amtrak elevator” at Baltimore-Washington International Airport earlier this year.

The conservative political commentator tweeted this on the Valentine’s Day:



Along with this:



It took the company, which manages America’s largest train network, almost seven months to get back to her:



Carpenter was baffled, to say the least.



Luckily, help did arrive shortly after she tweeted out her predicament in February.

Amtrak informed her airport agents were aware of the situation and working to free her, but it was not until Sept.7 that their social media team followed up with her to see if she was still stuck.

Amtrak claims the error occurred because someone had recently retweeted Carpenter’s February tweets and copped to its mistake, admitting it was “not our finest hour.” The company also offered the woman an express train ticket free of charge, which she accepted.

Meanwhile, Twitter had a field day with it.







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