Anchor Calls Out Daily Mail On-Air For Shaming Women

News anchor Karl Stefanovic dedicated a live segment to slamming the Daily Mail for shaming one of his female colleagues and suggesting he’s a drunk.

Much respect to “Today Show” Australia co-host Karl Stefanovic, who unleashed a warranted tirade against the news and entertainment publication, Daily Mail, on-air Friday morning.

Stefanovic took the time out to address the “cheap, lazy, and sexist” reporting of the Daily Mail that left one of his female colleagues in tears.

On Thursday evening, the site published a story with a photo that shows Stefanovic walking with a woman and carrying a dozen cans of rum and cola, The Guardian reports.

The article's headline initially read: "Karl Stefanovic checks into humble caravan park with a Channel Nine colleague and 12 cans of pre-mixed rum, but girlfriend is nowhere to be seen." The mention of Stefanovic's alleged girlfriend was later removed from the headline. 

According to Stefanovic, the commentary wrongfully implied that he was a drunk and suggested that he was courting the “young, female colleague,” he was photographed with.

"Fact — this was work,” Stefanovic proclaimed. “We were filming a story about our struggling prawn farmers ... The producer pictured on the website is a committed, talented, hard-working, and totally professional young woman, and not deserving of this cheap, lazy sexist online slur.”

"The idea that colleagues of the opposite sex cannot work together without 'something going on' surely belongs to the 1950s. And for most of Australia, it does. But not, it seems, on this website," he added.

While Stefanovic noted that he and his colleagues usually “suck it up” and ignore criticism, as it's part of what comes with being a public figure, he was compelled to call out the Daily Mail for “specializing in shaming people” with its “despicable track record of denigrating women for who they are, what they look like, the choices they make.”

"Go hard on me. Make up your stories. Publish your lies, send out the paps,” Stefanovic said. “But if you have a sliver of decency, if you have any care whatsoever for the women of Australia, do not slur the reputations of others in your eagerness to throw mud at me.”

Watch Stefanovic’s full on-air monologue below.

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