Anchor Mistakes Ivanka For First Lady In Viral Video

The "oops!" moment wouldn't have been as funny if it didn't remind us of how much power President Donald Trump's daughter unfortunately has in his administration.

It isn't every day that we get to see someone uttering words we all want to hear, especially when it comes to TV anchors and the Trump family.

During her PTV morning show, Fox affiliate anchor Shauna Parsons made a blooper that got us all laughing (and crying). When referring to President Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump, Parsons got her mixed up with Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka. She went as far as calling her, “first lady Ivanka Trump.”

Parsons was reporting that Trump's wife was moving into the White House after months, but due to a small and easy-to-make mistake, she ended up naming the daughter instead.

She quickly noticed the problem during the broadcast after having said Ivanka, saying “[a]ctually first lady Melania Trump, I should say, she has announced where Barron will be going to school next year.”

At the end of the report, Parsons apologized for the Freudian slip.

“There was a little typo in the script,” she told the audience.

While Parsons said it was nothing but a mistake, it's much more fun to think that, like many of us, Parsons believes that the president's daughter plays a much larger role than she perhaps should. So why not have a laugh? It will at least help us ease the pain of having to deal with the reality of the Trump administration.

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