Girl On Anesthesia Crying Over Drowning Fish Is The Cutest Thing Ever

“We’ve gotta save them,” said the girl recovering from an anesthesia looking at fishes in an aquarium thinking they were dead.

People have different reactions to anesthesia- most turn out to be hilarious.

The young girl cried buckets thinking that the fish in the aquarium are dying, when actually they are very much alive.

The girl named, Leila went to the dentist to have her wisdom tooth removed. The mood, she had while the anesthesia started wearing off, was just priceless.

Leila can be seen standing in the hallway looking at the aquarium full of fish crying- thinking they were dead.

“Leila, why are you crying?” asked her mother recording the video.

“Cause its drowning,” she cries, holding an ice pack near her cheek.

“Who’s drowning?” asked her mom, enjoying her daughter’s adorable reaction, “The fish,” Liela responded, coping with the side effects of the medicines in her system.

Her mom tries to break the good news to Leila that the fish weren’t dead,” No they’re not, they’re swimming,” she said.

But Leila, hell-bent that the fish are in danger, says “it’s so sad.” Leila’s mother tries her best to reassure her but her daughter is not ready to trust her.

“But we’ve gotta save them,” she pleads.

The video ends before we get to know whether she ever believed her mom and stopped feeling miserable but the video definitely made us smile.

People generally have weird reactions when coming out of an anesthesia, and if someone records the video of that reaction, they become viral YouTube miracles.

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Another funny video of a man recovering from an anesthesia after surgery also graced YouTubers when he tells his wife that she was the prettiest girl he has ever seen, falling in love with her all over, not realizing that she was actually his wife.

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