Heroic Guy Jumps Into The River To Save A Drowning Koala

A cycling volunteer saved the day when a woman alerted him about an animal in dire threat of drowning.

A volunteer participating at an Australian cycling event in Apollo Bay, Victoria, increased his karma points even more with an unexpected act of goodness.

Muzammil Patel had just reached at the campsite next to the Barham River, when a woman drew his attention toward a koala drowning in the river.

Patel instantly called the wildlife rescue service but upon discovering it would take them a good 30 minutes to reach the site, he decided to rescue the koala.

The brave volunteer first floated some tree branches in the water but the koala couldn’t get a hold of them, leaving Patel with just one option: to jump in the river himself.

He then courageously leapt in to action to save the drowning little fellow back to safety.

The woman who spotted the koala and directed Patel toward him started crying tears of joy when the beautiful creature was rescued.

Patel said that he was only doing what anyone else would, but admitting that it felt damn good to help the adorable creature.

"There was no other option, I had to jump in and save the koala. It looked like it was going to drown," he commented.

“It felt beautiful.” 

Koalas are adorable, however they can be dangerous. So Patel made sure to not completely hold the animal and touch it as little as possible when making the rescue.

"I went in the river and extended the branch because he had big nails and he might scratch me," he said.

Although the koala was rescued from the terror of drowning, Patel has no idea what happened to the animal after being rescued.

Here’s hoping that the adorable little fellow is doing fine. Regardless, Patel’s act of kindness is a great example of being a true volunteer.

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